The Various Kinds of Forceps

Published: 27th April 2011
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Surgical Instrument: Adson Bipolar Forceps

Use: Coagulation

Info: By giving less thermal dispersion. These forceps are bi-polar and dont need a ground pad like a bovie. Most generally used around nerves and delicate vessels for tiny orthopedic surgery.

Surgical Instrument: Adson Brown Forceps

Use: Grasping

Info: Differentiated from regular adsons by teeth. Normally used in cosmetic and ENT surgery.

Surgical Instrument: Adson forceps

A.K.A.: Skin Forceps

Use: Grasping

Info: Regular forcep for use in skin suturing forcep mostly used for closing cutaneous wounds

Surgical Instrument: Back Biting Forceps

A.K.A.: Back Biter

Info: Used primarily for sinus surgery. Rotaing will slice bone, cartiage and tissue.

Surgical Instrument: Bayonette Bipolar Forceps

Use: Coagulation

Info: Can also have an irrigation tip.

Surgical Instrument: Bayonette Forceps

Use: Holding

Info: Common for both E.N.T and Neurosurgery

Surgical Instrument: Bishop Harmon Forceps

Alias: Bishops

Use: Grasping

Info: Usually used for suturing in delicate cosmetic procedures.

Surgical Instrument: Bonney Forceps

AKA: Bonneys

Use: Holding

Info: Heavy pick-up primary used for holding the fascia to close the peritoneum.

Surgical Instrument: Cushing Forceps

Use: Holding

Info: Typically seen when picking up craniotomies.

Surgical Instrument: Debakey Forceps

Use: Holding

Info: Commonly used to pick up & firmly graspsoft tissue, vessels & bowel.

Surgical Instrument: Detrich Forceps

Use: Holding

Info: Is used for an simplier more smooth pick-up. They are related, but smaller than debakey forceps

Surgical Instrument: Glover, straight

Use: To clamp

Info: Non-traumatic big vascular clamp

Surgical Instrument: Pituitary Forceps

Use: Grasping

Info: In various angles.

Surgical Instrument: Rainey Forceps

Use: Cautery

Info: Mistaken with a bipolar, This requires a grounding pad due to its monopolar current.

Surgical Instrument: Rat Tooth Forceps

Alias: Toothed pick ups

Info: Typically seen and used for the closure of the belly button or sometimes for laparoscopic surgery.

Surgical Instruments: Russian Forceps

Use: Grasping

Info: Non-emgerncy multi-purpose graber

Surgical Instrument: Sinus biting Forcep

Use: Cutting & Grasping

Info: For cutting and grasping within the sinus cavities.

Surgical Instrument: Sinus Forceps

Alias: Straight biter

Use: Grasping/Cutting

Info: Major graber for sinus surgery

Surgical Instruments: Sponge Forceps

Alias: Sponge Stick

Use: Holding

Info: sponge forceps Frequently has a ratex folded in the jaw for blunt dissection #& sponge forceps are used in dabbing an open abdominal surgeries.

Surgical Instrument: Takahashi Forceps

Use: Holding

Info: A sinus grasper which can also be used for ENT nasal.

Surgical Instrument: Up biting forceps

Use: Holding

Info: Used for grasping and tearing through sinus and nasal surgery.

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A "Different Types of Forceps" editorial is by Adam C.

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